The 3 timepieces signify 3 phases: Beginning, becoming and transforming.

Pulse surveys the pivotal moments in the cycles of our human lives.

Focused on the moments that mold us, that make our hearts race and propel us forward.

Symbolizing the idea of time as our anchor and our only true constant though all chapters of life.

Resting right on our pulse, shapeshifting with us and sharing every heartbeat.

This collection serves as a reminder of our vitality and the encouragement to open our hearts into creation. To revel in the beautiful pieces of life that carry us from one day to the next. To let moments of joy move loudly through us without pause. To continue to rise.

Kendall Falcon
Creative Director, BREDA


Product Design: Efrain Villa
Creative Direction: Kendall Falcon
Photographer: Kalan Briggs
Art Direction: Corrina Mackinnon
Styling: Ruben Burgess
Assistant Photography: Helen Jade Shedd
Web & Graphic Design: Zacree Cobos
Talent: Abby & Daniel (Wallflower Management)
Beauty: Shane Monden (Wallflower Management)