About Us


Our mission is to make watches that inspire creativity and individuality.


We modernize and reengineer the classic elements of a traditional watch to bring you products that push the envelope in design. People underestimate what a thrilling process it is to take something that has always been made a certain way and change it to make it your own. We are non-conformists by nature. Aiming to merge quality products and minimal design within reach.


We are an independent brand, run by a small team with a shared appreciation for design. As an extension to our team, we have built a collaborative community #theunbound to expand on our mission of inspiring creativity. The #theunbound is a meticulously selected group of creators that have established their own authentic voice outside the norm. Our goal is not just to be a watch brand, but rather a collaborator within the community we are building.

BREDA Studio.

The BREDA Studio is tucked in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas – a neighborhood with a growing creative base. The studio functions as our brand’s design office and retail store combined with a collaborative workspace. Learn more. 


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